I recently received a sample of this jerky and I must say it was absolutely outstanding! My wife and I were fighting over it and we finished it all in a couple of minutes. I definitely give this product two thumbs up!

Chef Guy Mitchell
Guest Chef at the White House

"This is an outstanding elite product bursting with flavor. I would definitely buy this again &again..."

Seriously, Jim's Jar Head Jerky rocks. It is unlike any other. My 5 1/2 year old inhaled the bag last night with in minutes. Between my husband, myself and my daughter we were passing the bag to each other and the jerky was gone in no time. If you have not tried it you better because you are missing out!

Fan of Jim
Another person that loves JJJ!

"Jim, your jerky is simply the best and the purpose is honorable. Please keep up the great work you do for our troops and let us all keep them in our thoughts and prayers!"
Jim Beach
NJ State Senator District 6
(Chairman, Senate Mil & Vet Affairs)

I felt guilty the other night as started to eat another brand of Jerky - Let's just say I am glad I did. Now I can say with out a doubt what a superior product you have! Who want's to feed their wild side when they can GRUNT! Keep up the good work. Semper Fi!!!

Richard Jacobowitz
Satisfied Customer!

"Just want to let you know that my future Nephew who is in afghanistan says he cannot put the beef jerky down ... he loves it sooooo much!!!"

Hello all I just wanted to say that I had the pleasure of meeting Jim and his wife this past Saturday at Barbs Harley Davidson. I had never met Jim or his wife or Jar Head Jerky before Saturday. Me being a Marine was naturally drawn to Jim and his stand that he had set up. I immediately started talking to them and also tasted the Jar Head Jerky. I must say that it was the best jerky I've had. It's packed with full of flavor and spice. It was so good that I actually ate two bags. I also had the pleasure of learning about how Jar Head Jerky started and about Jim being a Marine himself. I just wish I would have met Jim last year before my daughter, who is a Marine was sent to afghanistan. I would have gladly bought cases. Jim invited me to set my Harly up next to his stand and show off the graphics of my daughter and the Marine Corps. His personality and kindness are an indication of how much pride and dedication he puts into his product his jerky. Good luck Jim I hope to see you Soon.

Dan Battista
Police Officer

"We just got our Hoodies and samples of your Jerky. We couldn't wait to get home to try it. No words can describe how awesome it was. MMMMM MMMM Good!! My husband and I thought we could just have one piece. Well... that didn't happen. In a matter of minutes one entire bag is gone. You are a spectacular person doing a wonder duty! Semper Fi Marine!!"

My buddy Cpl Devon Richio and I just got a few bags of your jerky in some care packages last week. We live on a remote patrol base where we live off of MRE's. We tried to make the jerky last but the two of us COULD NOT stop eating it and once word spread throught the platoon about how AMAZING your jerky is, the six or seven bags we had only lasted about a day and a half! Your jerky has indeed boosted morale at times when we desperatly needed it! I cannot thank you enough! Semper Fidelis.

CPL Andrew Einstein

"Unbelievably good. I could live off this stuff. Couldn't stop eating it. The best jerky ever!"
Audrey Kernan

My platoon went nuts over your awesome jerkey! We snacked on it during many long hours as we convoyed across western Afghanistan. Thanks so much!

1LT Avraham (Avi) Behar
Proud Supporter and Eater

"Jim, what a great guy you are, Marine!!! Box was in the mailbox when I got to work this morning. I?ve already opened it (beautifully packed!) and have had a piece of the delicious jerky. Although I?d love to keep the extra bag you sent for me, I?m going to send it as a second bag to one of my men who is a SSgt with 18 men. He can divide two bags so that everyone gets a taste. I?m sending a second Christmas box to him with a small stocking for each of them plus a pair of socks. Socks are gold! You were so generous to send this jerky when you were already tapped out for this month. My men are going to be thrilled when they open their boxes and Jarhead Jjerky is on the top! I?ll get to the post office this afternoon and get their Christmas on the way. It may be too early, but I want to be sure all the packages make it by Christmas. As you know, mail is delivered sporadically. Jim, none of my men in Afghanistan are assigned to a base?they are all out on the front line."

I just wanted to share a recent email from my nephew in Afghanistan! "Hi Aunt Peg & Uncle Fred, "I got your package the other day. Thank you so much!!! You don't know how much I appreciate it. Jim's Jarhead Jerky is amazing! I ate a whole bag in one day :) I've been debating if I should share or not, LOL. If you see Jim, tell him I said thank you and give him a big Semper Fi from me. Love Mike." Mike's email says it all! Jim's Jarhead Jerky is AMAZING!! God Bless the entire Ewen family, they are the best!

Proud Aunt of a US Marine

"This is hands down the best jerky i have ever had and i have had a lot. I wasn't even hungry but I tried it anyway when I was offered a sample and after I tried it, I was starving "
From Medford

In May I sent an email to Jim Ewen. We have a wonderful nephew, Mike, who is on his 2nd tour in Afganistan. I remembered reading an article about a local family making & sending beef jerky. I contacted Jim's Jarhead Jerky to purchase some jerky for Mike & his fellow Marines. Jim dropped off a case of Jerky !! We can't thank Jim & his family enough for their kindness & generosity! Jim's Jarhead Jerky is the absolute best jerky we have ever had! Yes, we did taste a bag before we shipped it off!! A Big Ooh-rah! Semper Fi & God Bless You!!

Fred & Peg Hettinger
Proud Aunt & Uncle of a US Marine!

"Jim's Jar Head Jerky, This is the best jerky I've ever had! Once you have a bite you don't stop until the whole bag 's gone."
Iraq Veteran -5326 Combat Swimmer
William Brown
Jim Jar Head Jerky Rocks!

This is my second round with a bag of Jim's Jarhead Jerky and it is the "REAL DEAL!" This stuff is addicting......I cannot stop eating it. It's peppery, spicy, chewy and has a marvelous aroma that keeps you coming back for more. Well Done Jim!

Mark Wagner
Jerky Lover

"I met Jim in the parking lot of Shop Rite when he graciously gave me a jump for my car. When he got out and had the Semper Fi T shirt on I immediately knew I was ok, as my husband is a Marine too. He handed me his card and explained the jerky and I thought of my son's buddy who is in Iraq. He made 3 bags of jerky for us NO CHARGE to send to him...I am getting it to the post office today...unfortunately there is only TWO bags to go in the box...my son just wanted to TASTE it and ended up eating the whole bag! I am ordering mugs and a tshirt today and I will spread the word..... We all thank you and admire what you are doing for our boys!"
Fran Marziano
Thank you

Received a sample bag of jerky. It is some kind of wonderful to be sure! Having been to Iraq I can assure you that troops definately appreciate what you're doing, especially with the high quality of your jerky. Thank you for what you're doing!

Air National Guard A-10C Warthog Crew Chief

"Hi guys! My name is Adam S. I wanted to say thank you so much for all the awesome jerky you send us here in Afghanistan. The team and I absolutely love it! Not only is the jerky great by itself, but your commitment to everyone over here keeps us going. I just want you both to know that it really does mean the world to us and brings us great comfort knowing that we have true patriots back home that support what we do.
Again, thank you for the jerky, and thank you for all you do. I hope to tell you in person next time Im back in the great state of New Jersey.
Semper Fi and De Oppresso Liber!"
Adam S.
Captain, Special Forces

Jim I bought a bag of your jerky at the BHR poker run sunday. Didn't even
open the bag until I went home. Wish I had purchased more. I see Canals in
Hainsport sells your jerky, I'll be stopping to pick up some more. Best of
luck with this fantastic product.

Robert P.

We came across this fabulous beef jerky at Okie's Butcher Shop in Long Beach
Island, New Jersey. We have quite a few friends in the military so that is
why it caught our eye. My husband LOVES beef jerky but we can never find a
quality product in PA where we live. Needless to say it was AMAZING and goes
great with a few beers! The whole bag was gone within minutes. We just got
home last evening and I immediately went online and ordered 6 more bags.
Thanks for making such a quality product and everything you do for the
C. Wells

“Their advertisement is true--it is definitely the best jerky I have ever
had. It was a huge morale booster for all of my Marines and it made their and
my day.”

And it made my day to know I had done something that made a Marine’s day a
little better!
Thank YOU!!


Simply the best Jerky ever. I have tried countless varieties of Jerky, but
Jim's Jarhead Jerky is simply the best. I find myself craving the stuff. I
cleared out the whole display at Traino's in Marlton and was begging them to
get more in. I see now there is a much larger display and I am no longer
worried about running out......
Thanks for a great product and please try to get some into the Mt.
Airy/Chestnut Hill area as soon as you can, I need a source closer to home!
Thanks again, gotta go, there is a little black bag with a red label calling
my name....

Wow, heard about your company on WXTU on Veteran's Day. My son has been working with his OSO to get into the CORPS after graduation, so I knew that some jarhead jerky would be the perfect Christmas gift. Ordered my jerky on Saturday (thought it was odd that I wasn't charged any shipping costs) and my order arrived today, Tuesday via priority mail. What a class act! Thank you!

Maureen Glanzmann

I have been eating AND making jerkey for 20+ years and after 1 bag of Jims Jarhead Jerkey I put away my Food Dehydrator and try to stay stocked up on Jims! I have had jerky from all over the world from high-end specialty stores to truck stops but nothing comes close! I dont write reviews or give feedback often but I couldnt keep quiet about this stuff. Friends and family buy me jerky for Christmas and my birthday and Jims is the only one on my list this year . I just wish I could buy 1 pound bags or more :)

Thank you for your service for our country and our jerky !
Sincerely Brian P. Winks